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IMMO Universal Decoding 4.5


IMMO Universal Decoding is the best software to remove the IMMO code of ECU.
The software IMMO Universal Decoding is compatible with read file with programmer such as UPA-USB, WELLON Series VP/GP, Galep, Serial and many other (not supplied with the software). Once loaded the read file of the ECU, The software will repair the IMMO code. For many ECUs, there is the possibility to make virgin the IMMO in order to recode, according to the value of original key, or to delete definitively (not recode).

The software includes:

– 68 Brands

– 1100 Compatible systems for above 10000 model of cars

– Automatic correction checksum:

Fiat/Alfa/Lancia/PSA BOSCH EDC15C6, EDC15C7

Fiat/Alfa/Lancia BOSCH ME7.3H4, ME2.1, ME3.1, ME7.2.1, ME7.3.1, ME7.9.6


VAG/Porsche BOSCH ME 7.x.x, MED 9.1 / 9.5.10

M3.2.1, M3.8.2/3, M5.4.1, M5.9.2, etc.

– 1200 Photos

– 680 MASKs of identification

Software version: 4.5 (Newest version of 2017 year)

Packing List: USB-dongle

Languages: English, Italian


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